Search engine optimization

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is fundamental to any business wishing to have online visibility. SEO is not something that can be achieved overnight. Making regular updates to your websites content that is relevant and relative to your business will ensure that your website will have a better chance of ranking higher with search engines such as Google.


Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimisation will help your customers find you. Correctly set up and regularly updated SEO will help to increase your page rank which will determine how high or what page it appears on search engines. If you have a business in a competitive market, SEO is essential to give your business the edge over your competitors.


What SEO services do you offer?

I offer a content writing service providing your website with articles relevant to your business. I can also make an SEO assessment of your current website and provide a report of what can be done to help your websites rankings.

If you are interested in an SEO report or require content / articles for your website, feel free to get in touch

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