Is your website responsive?

There are many benefits of having a fully responsive website. In 2019 most people generally assume that a website should work on all devices. If your website is not responsive you are risking potential customers unable to properly use your website and therefore potentially loosing business.

Having a fully responsive / mobile friendly website will actually improve your chances of appearing higher on Google, so if you have a business that is in a competitive industry a responsive website is a must.

If you are unsure if your website is fully responsive, you can simply access your website on a variety of different devices to test it. alternatively you can enter the website URL into this mobile-friendly test page provided by Google –

Ideally you should be getting a result similar to the following;

Space Ape Media - Mobile Friendly Websites

If you get a result similar to this – thats great! Your website is recognised by Google as mobile friendly and if your SEO (Search engine optimisation) is good, you should be appearing with a relatively decent position when your business is searched for on Google.

If your current website is not responsive and you are interested in making it responsive / mobile friendly – Feel free to get in touch with me!

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